the one for me

I met this girl tonight. Well, I didn't really meet her. We made eye contact across the bar at Tempo. In my mind she was french. I don't know why I think that. Maybe because we made eye contact, and it was reciprocal. That's never really happened with a Swedish girl. Anyways, she left with what I think was her friend and the friend's boyfriend. They were playing music at the bar, out of "How I met your mother" season 1, and for anyone who knows and appreciates "how I met your mother" season 1, you know it is inspirational music for love to be. I went out, under pretext of a phone call, and saw the three walk away. I almost went after them. I wanted to, but caved in. Damn. Life is all about taking those chances, to once in a while act on impulse. She was the one for me, I know it. I pray the Lord that I meet her again.


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