Sthlm, anyone?

Är det någon därute som har business i Stockholm i veckan? Tänkte köra upp dit, möjligtvis redan imorgon, och delar gärna färden med någon...Mest för bensinpengarnas skull, men också sällskapet, kanesjna.

Voyage, voyage

I plan to go to the south of Europe in a couple of weeks with some friends. Whereabout? We'll see, but the Milan-Nice route by car is one alternative. Then perhaps Sicily, or Corse. The soundtrack compilation is in progress, but I think we've found our theme song:

Runner's knee

I went running today. Slowly, since I have to cure what is popularly called a "runner's knee". They might as well call it "approaching-30-and-getting-more-stiff-by-the-day-knee". I jogged, I walked, I jogged, I walked, and I still got tired. Stretched, and drove home. God, to think that only a year ago, I was climbing the mountains of Auadkhara, Abkhazia, just across the Russian border. My friends made it across the border at that time, but I - foolishly overestimating my stamina - chose a bigger mountain and made it halfway up before reason told me to head back before darkness fell and the wolves came out. The solitude I felt during that hike! It was massive, a bit sad, but unique. Few people have walked in those tracks, made by animals. I put a little token behind a rock on that mountain, to leave my mark. A small, bottled water capsule, since that was all I had. Yes, I polluted, but I will be the only one to do so there. It's just too high up for ordinary people to go ;) I miss the simplicity of that place, as I miss the simplicity of times when I did not have to worry about runner's knee.

Valborgsfirande in Sövde, Sweden

Valborg i Sövde 2007


Someone close to me has fallen seriously ill. I don't know what to do really. It just feels bad. But it means that I'll probably stay around for a while - the interlude becomes a full third act. If you know of any great jobs in the vicinity that might be of particular interest for a former Information Manager from Abkhazia, drop me a line.