A fond farewell...

Friends! I am leaving, perhaps never to return. Aye, it has been a good month, one that will live on in my memory for long, cherished, on shallow grounds as to readily surface whenever consciousness beckons.

Seriousment, I have loved being here. Shanghai offers so much - sometimes as much grief as joy - and I'm very glad I have experienced it, if only for a month. But the dinners, the parties, the hikes, the shopping, would not have been as pleasant and stimulating without the company of you (dave, scott, amanda, harry, lei, lin an, daisy, peggy, lamiaa, johanna, pierre, rob, tiny, light, kattis,kristin, oscars ayi, craig, pete, andy, heather, steve, jane, josef, johanna, paul and - god forbide - the forgotten ones). My special, warmest, kindest regards to Oscar and Kaying, who has been gracious and hospitable enough to let me stay in their apartment for a freakin' month! They know, they epitomize "sharing is caring".

Alora, hope to meet at least some of you, some place, at some point in the future. Take care, god speed!