Back in Skåne, back in paradise

I am back in Sweden and it is nothing but good. This is not to say that I do not miss Abkhazia. I do, by all means. It is to say that - excuse me as my nationalistic ego soars - Sweden, especially the south of Sweden, is great. Really. The long rolling hills covered by strongly yellow-coloured rape and emerging wheat and sugar beets. The abundantly pink-flowered cherry trees and the white-flowered apple trees.  A clear crisp morning on a meadow of coltsfoot. Churches and castles in a cultural landscape of god's grace. I love the spring. I love it here.

Did I mention that I sang the national anthem the other day, on a "Valborg" ceremony in Sövde [Valborg = pagan feast celebrating the arrival of spring]? I would not do that every day - despite my rave about god and country - but it did feel good to sing, with others, for something. Does not have to be the national anthem though. Something by the Beatles perhaps...."o-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on bra..."? 

Postat av: andreas

nu är ju sidbredden den rätta! eller borde jag kanske säga räta?

2007-05-14 @ 12:27:27
Postat av: malin

det var längesen vännen...såg nyss en kommentar på min förlegade blogg. Har gett upp lite och sysslar med reallife på heltid ett tag. Men det e lajbans att höra av dig! Hoppas du trivs i skåneland!
massa kramar

2007-05-30 @ 19:08:11

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