CG European Tour ´07 - Preface

How does one sum up the vacation of a lifetime? A journey that has brought one from the lakes of Como and Varese in north Italy, beautifully crested by the southern peaks of the Alps, to a cosmopolitan Paris in full summer bloom. I had all the breaks. I met the people, felt the heat, saw the sights, devoured the food and drenched myself in wine until I could stand it no longer. And even if I am exaggerating for your sake and mine, let the record show that I tried to fill the generous premises given to me on this journey, my way.

First week: Car. Four friends. Milan. Varese. Bellagio. Cinque Terre. Via Reggio. Pisa. Firenze. Toscana. Milano Marittima. Bologna.

Second week: Train. Alone, on the road, but not Kerouac, rather Waugh (Brideshead Revisited). Bologna. Torino. Chambery. Bourg St Maurice. Val d'Isere. Annecy. Geneva. Paris. Malmööööö.


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